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Baek Sung-hyun joins IRIS 2 as genius hacker


I was wondering when this spy unit was gonna get some brains. Now that action spy sequel IRIS 2 has cast all its field agents and enemy spies and possibly-maybe-doubling-crossing-agents, it finally adds an analyst to the roster: Baek Sung-hyun has joined the cast as a young genius hacker without whom NSS wouldn’t go ’round.

It’s a pretty funny character description if you still see Baek Sung-hyun as Lee Min-jung’s dumb little bro in Big. He was adorable, but epically dim – perhaps adorable because of it, but in any case, a box of rocks for brains. But he can certainly pull off a drastic transformation — he’s played dark characters before (White Christmas), and as a former child actor, he’s had more experience than the average 23-year old.

In IRIS 2 he’ll play an extremely gifted brainiac, and NSS teammates with field agents Lee Da-hae and Yoon Doo-joon. The three of them will work under team leader Jang Hyuk, who apparently trained them all. His character will be the speedy source of information within the agency, and also the mood-keeper-upper of the group, promising to bring some much-needed levity to the NSS set. He’s also known as a problem-solver to the rest of the characters, which is potentially really funny. It’d be awesome if they treated him like an Answer Man, for everything from How do I save the world? to How do I break up with my girlfriend?

He’ll hopefully have some delightful character quirks, because I don’t want to rain on this team’s parade or anything, but he’s the first member who doesn’t sound like a total bore. Not that badass is boring, but in a spy drama, it’s kinda like having a pulse.

IRIS 2 premieres in February on KBS.


Posted December 11, 2012@ 8:21pm

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